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Igor Filimonov
Igor Filimonov
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  • Experienced web-developer
  • Teacher and mentor

My name is Igor. I lead web-development department in MacroIndex company, teach how to program from ground up and consult highly loaded projects.

My story as a web-developer began in distant 2006 with creation of my first website. At the time I thought that I know everything. But this wasn't true. And, upon realization, I began to improve.

For the last 10 years I had to go through a lot, from inventing «my own wheel» to using the most popular libraries, frameworks and patterns.

Currently not a single serious application can do without databases. No matter the programming language choice, it can be Java, PHP or Python, special structured query language (SQL) is used for working with databases, which makes it the most popular language in 2016.

I quickly came to realization, that for creation of valuable IT-project it is best not to separate development from marketing, and marketing from sales. That's why I started to study sales process along with internet marketing.

I often get asked a question: «Why web-developer needs knowledge of internet marketing, sales and SEO optimization of websites?». My answer is always the same. Web-developer only needs to learn his own field well to create good web-software and to earn high salary. But I am not satisfied with just being good, that's why I study the big picture as a whole, work 70 hours a week and literally «live the project».

Three truths about effective learning and web-development:

  • In our time everyone can be a professional web-developer, you just need to really want it and honestly answer the question: «Why do I need it?»
  • Studying from experienced expert saves a lot of time and energy;
  • Everything needs to be standardized, this increases effectiveness of time use and increases quality of the code.

Skills and talents


JavaScript - knowledge of specifications (ES5, ES2015) and language specialties, working with AJAX, optimization and fixing JavaScript code, use of OOP and patterns in development.
Over 8 years of development experience on JavaScript. Taught JavaScript to over 300 people.
jQuery - popular JavaScript library, that increases the speed of web-development.
ReactJS - modern and very popular JavaScript library.
Babel - code converter from ES2015/ES2016 into ES5 standard.
ES5-shim – addition of modern features to outdated language versions (up to ES5).
HTML5/CSS3 - professional website coding, including from Adobe Photoshop layouts. Experience in cross-browser coding. Adaptive website coding for mobile devices.
Trained over 100 specialists.
Knowledge of CSS-frameworks (Bootstrap 3, Foundation 6).
Knowledge of coding methods (BEM, MCSS).
Experience in using CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS).
Knowledge of assembly instruments and fluent work with packet managers (npm, bower, grunt, gulp and webpack).
Understanding interactions between frontend and backend by using REST, SOAP.


PHP - scripting language for developing web-apps. Knowledge of strong and weak sides of the language, designing apps architecture for high loads, using language to full capacity (PHP 5.3 and 7.1). Knowledge of TDD (test-driven development). Experience in development - over 10 years.
Yii/Yii2 - high performance PHP framework, based on MVC paradigm. Fluent knowledge, usage of side components and modules, as well as writing own ones when needed. Experience in development of web-apps on framework - over 3 years.
Composer - packet manager for PHP programming language. Fluent knowledge. Experience and knowledge in using the most popular side extensions and components for PHP.
Unit tests - automated tests for covering parts of PHP code. Development of web-apps through testing (TDD - test-driven development).
GIT - is a distributed version control system. Knowledge of the architecture, understanding work specifics of the system and fluent work with GIT from console.


Experience in development of database architecture, coding stored procedures, database work optimization, development and implementation of backup system, understanding work of large distributed failover clusters of database.
SQL (structured query language).
MySQL - relational database management system. Knowledge of all work specialties of MySQL 5.1. Understanding strategy for optimization of web-apps using MySQL. Work experience - over 10 years.
PostgreSQL - open-source object-relational database management system.

Project management

Project management in IT area.
Knowledge of Agile web-development methodologies (Scrum in particular).
TDD (test-driven development).
Understanding main concepts of PMI PMBoK v5.

Internet marketing and sales

Internet marketing - SEO, contextual advertising, SMM, investment evaluation in internet-projects, ROI calculation.
Web analysis and effectiveness evaluation of websites. Work experience with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. Analysis of sales effectiveness from website, goal management, creation of reports, evaluation of current website audience, analysis of sources and traffic quality, work with UTM marks.
Contextual advertising. Implementation of effective advertisement campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Understanding principles of search engines and the effect of page reference ranking. Development of effective strategy for search engine optimization, defining target audience, development of semantic core, distribution of key requests among site's pages, understanding the effect of behavioral factors on optimization results.
SMM (Social Media Marketing).
B2B sale of services.
Sales department audit, development of effective sales strategy taking into account business specialties and seasons, developing of sales department from ground up. Experience in creation of sales departments for IT companies (B2B services).
Experience in teaching cold calling (arranging meeting, closing the deals during the call). Script development, creation of educational systems for sales department staff.
Experience in integration of CRM systems with following integration with website (internet store) and Google calendar.

Increase of qualification courses and my certificates

Program Confirmation
Specialist diploma in specialty «Systems of automated design» (230104) Diploma from 16th June 2015
Programming and web-development
Programming in C language Certificate from 8th August 2006
Programming in Visual C++ Certificate from 19th September 2008
HTML and CSS. Level 2. Cross-browser coding and basis of usability Certificate from 10th June 2012
HTML and CSS. Level 3. Advanced methodologies and coding instruments Certificate from 27th March 2015
Web safety. Mechanisms of website hacking and ways to fight them Certificate from 16th September 2011
PHP. Level 4. Design and development of complex web projects on PHP 5 Certificate from 31st May 2012
Yii2 Framework. Professional Backend-development Certificate from 8th February 2015
Objective C. Level 1. Programming for iPhone and iPad Certificate from 21st May 2016
Swift. Level 1. Modern programming technologies for Apple Certificate from 28th April 2016
Java. Level 1. Basic course Certificate from 19th February 2016
Java. Level 2. Advanced course Certificate from 23rd April 2016
Java. Level 3. Professional software development Certificate from 21st June 2016
Key aspects of personnel work for leaders Certificate from 20th February 2015
Features of labor regulation for remote workers Certificate from 28th May 2015
Personnel system in modern organization. Level 4. Preparing for audit from State Labor Inspectorate Certificate from 16th May 2015
Increase of qualification for program «Management of personnel, business-processes and information systems» Qualification increase certificate from 22nd August 2015
Project management
Conflict management Certificate from 2nd August 2015
Stress management Certificate from 15th August 2015
Management of Internet-projects: integration, support, development of internet-projects Certificate from 24th March 2015
Online course «Project management and personal effectiveness» Certificate from 24th February 2017
Marketing, sales, negotiations
Educational course in «Development of sales 2/300» Certificate from 10th December 2014
Course on rhetoric Certificate from 6th September 2014
Public speaking course Certificate from 5th October 2014
Increase of qualification for program «Content creation for successful SEO-optimization» Qualification increase certificate from 29th January 2017
And over 30 more certificates, diplomas and documents for courses, including online.

At the present time

Studying diploma program «Director of sales department».
Currently writing PhD coursework, linked with personnel security of IT-companies.


Project implementation

IT-market analysis, development of project concept, help in creation of technical specification, building a team, system architecture design, web-development and programming, contractor control, audit.

Teaching web-development

I can teach you how to program from ground up or significantly improve your current skills in following areas:

  • HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap;
  • JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, ReactJS;
  • PHP/MySQL, Yii/Yii2, Composer.


Mentor is a person that inspires you and helps you reach your goals.
I am currently a mentor for 3 of my students.



Website creator
  • In 2016 I have taught web-development and programming to 500 people.
  • Was invited as a speaker to WordCamp Moscow 2016.